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Me, Abby, Bekah

Abby doing what she does best
Caltechís a great place; you never have to study, everybodyís normal and the guy/girl ratio is nice. Yeah. In any case, a few of the people are cool. Some that happened to be in front of my camera lens at the wrong time appear on the left. Iím part of Lloyd House; we can frequently be spotted with our flaming golden Lloyd shirts in large groups -

Every Christmas for the past few years, the Lloyd tradition has been to make a Christmas tree out of Millikan Library with a giant L on top of the tree. A couple of my friends and I were in charge of setting the whole thing up this year and I think it turned out quite nicely. Not only was our L the biggest in Lloyd history at 13 feet tall, it also was one of the few not to fall down despite the windstorm that ravaged the light strands.

Each of the seven houses hosts at least one major party in the course of the year. My freshman yearís Lloyd party was a foam party Ė

Every year Lloyd takes a trip to the beach. Thereís a lot of sand at the beach. Itís clear to any Techer that the obvious thing to do in this situation is to dig a big hole. And whenever thereís a big hole it seems to me that the best thing is to do a flip into it :)

I was one of the DJs at the Coffee House party

I lived in 1170 Del Mar last year

The ditch day stack I did in 2003 basically involved dressing up as Mario Kart characters and driving around campus in little go-karts. Awesomest stack ever!

The ditch day stack in 2004 was more of a traditional treasure hunt with fun twists...best part was using satellite imaging to find nuclear soda bottles :)

At Caltech, you never know what your room might have in it when you come back...